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    What Do Beekeepers Wear?

    When people think of bees, the first thing they think about is getting stung.  On TV bees are often portrayed stinging and attacking people. The truth is, bees are generally not aggressive.  They really do not want to sting us. The only time a bee will sting is if they feel that their hive is being threatened or if you accidentally hurt them.  Beekeepers handle bees so much that getting stung once in a while is inevitable. Luckily, there are special clothes that protect beekeepers from stings. So, what do beekeepers wear to keep them safe?   Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no…

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    Top 5 Beehive Stands for Sale -The Importance of Using a Hive Stand

    An important tool in beekeeping that is sometimes overlooked is the beehive stand.  While beehive stands don’t look like anything special, they provide the beekeeper with comfort while tending to the hive.  For the bees, a beehive stand is important because it helps to keep the hive dry.   This article will discuss what a beehive stand is, the proper beehive stand height, and dimensions of a beehive stand.  Lastly, I will review the top beehive stands for sale.   What is a Beehive Stand? In beekeeping, a beehive stand is a structure that elevates the beehive off the ground.  Hive stands are made of wood, plastic or metal and can be…

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    8 Best Bee Hive Starter Kits to Get in 2022

    Beekeeping is an extremely rewarding hobby to get involved in. Not only can one bee hive yield up to 100 pounds of honey, bees are excellent pollinators that would enhance any garden.  Beekeeping helps the environment too. Bee populations are declining everywhere due to pesticides and disease. Starting a bee hive helps increase the population of bees, which helps the ecosystem at the same time.   The easiest way to get into beekeeping is to buy a bee hive starter kit. But, what should you look for in the best bee hive starter kit?  All starter kits include a complete bee hive. Others will include the complete hive and accessories, such…

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    Hoover Hives Review – Should You Get a Wax Coated Beehive?

    Since I’ve started my website I’ve had a chance to learn about a lot of different beehives. One that has stood out as a favorite among beekeepers is the Langstroth hive made by Hoover Hives.   I’ve been wanting to write a Hoover Hives review for a long time because of their wax coated wood.  I wrote an article about safe paint for beehives and learned about how damaging paint can be, for bees and for us.  That led me to discover the many benefits of wax coated beehives.   This Hoover Hives review will include an indepth look at the features of Hoover Hives, as well as the pros and cons. …

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    How to Protect Your Mason Bees from the Houdini Fly

    Mason bees are a welcomed pollinator to any garden. So much so, that many people enjoy installing mason bee houses in hopes of attracting mason bees to their homes. Recently, a parasitic fly has been damaging mason bee populations. This fly is called the Houdini fly. Luckily, if we take the proper precautions and properly care for our mason bee houses and coccoons, we can help to protect mason bees from the Houdini fly. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you and helps to keep this website running. What is the Houdini Fly? The Houdini fly is well known in…

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    Pros and Cons of Horizontal Hives

    When people think of beekeeping, they usually think of tall Langstroth hives. However, there is another type of hive that works just as well. It is called a horizontal hive. There are a lot of differences between Langstroth hives and horizontal hives. If you are new to beekeeping, it is a good idea to look at the pros and cons of horizontal hives. What are Horizontal Hives? A horizontal hive consists of one single, long box. Bars or frames are placed into the box, where bees build their comb. Horizontal hives are often used for natural beekeeping, as this structure is similar to where bees would nest in the wild.…

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    Where To Buy Bees For a Hive

    You chose your beehive, set it up and got it ready for it’s new little dwellers.  What’s next? Now it’s time to get your first bee colony! If you are new to beekeeping, the question of where to buy bees for a hive is a very important one.  It’s not as if you can go to the local pet store and order a box of bees. So where do beekeepers get their bees? How Do Beekeepers Get Bees? There are 3 ways beekeepers get bees.  They either buy a package of bees, buy a nucleus colony, or they catch a swarm.  The most common method for new beekeepers is to buy…

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    Annuals That Attract Bees

    When planning a garden for your home, consider creating a pollinator garden that attracts bees and butterflies. Pollinator gardens are important because they provide food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, which encourages them to stay nearby. Why Attract Bees? Attracting bees are good for us and for the bees. Pollinator gardens support bees by providing them food, from the pollen and nectar in the garden. Many people like having pollinators in their garden to help pollinate their fruit and vegetable plants. Pollinators so important to our food system because many plants are dependent on pollination in order to produce fruit. Right now, it is estimated that 75% of food…

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    Best Location for Beehives

    As a beekeeper it is your job to provide the best living conditions for your bees as possible.  Part of that is to find the best location for your beehives. You can have all the right equipment for your apiary, but if it is not in the right location, your colony may not thrive.  This article will talk about how to find the best location for beehives.   When choosing the best location for beehives there are several things to consider.  Safety, accessibility, and environmental factors must be taken into account. If you have multiple beehives you need to also look at how far apart should beehives be placed.   Ideal Hive…

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    Waterproofing Beehives

    Beekeeping supplies can be a bit of an investment, but they usually do not need to be replaced very often. If you want your beehive to last a long time, it’s important that you properly maintain them. That includes protecting them from the elements, such as sun, rain, and snow. Waterproofing beehives provides a protective layer to seal the wood to stop moisture from seeping in. This strengthens the wood and increases it’s longevity. Benefits of Waterproofing Beehives Beehives that have been waterproofed last a lot longer than hives that are not. That’s not surprising because beehives are made out of wood and are exposed to a lot of sun,…