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    What Is a Hardiness Zone Map?

    The following is a guest post from Julie Fischer, a gardening specialist who also works as a full-time gardener. She loves being outdoors, spending time with her cats, and is working on cultivating her own garden in California. The growing zone you’re located in makes up the basis of knowledge for a healthy garden.Understanding your growing zone for a better harvest is the best tool in your arsenal ofgardening knowledge. Many seed packets will have the best zones for the plant listed on theback.  A hardiness zone map has been a standard for determining what kind of plants can growaccording to annual temperatures. In the United States, it is produced…

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    Spring Activities for the Elderly

    The following is a guest post from The Live-in Care Hub.¬† The Live-in Care Hub is a not for profit organization¬†aimed at helping older people and their families find the best possible form of live-in care and they work with live-in care providers throughout the country. As we head into April, it is clear that winter has come to an end and spring is upon us. There is the faint beginning of warmer weather in the air, the daffodils and crocus are starting to bloom, and the birds are very definitely beginning to sing. Spring is a great time to get outside and start being a little bit more active,…

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    The Importance of Beekeeping in Agriculture

    The following is a guest post from Microbial Insights. For nearly three decades, Microbial Insights has been a leading biotechnology laboratory, offering microbial diagnostic solutions through innovative Molecular Biological Tools (MBTs). Our MBTs provide comprehensive identification and accurate quantification of microbial communities. Have you ever wondered why the beekeeping business is on the rise today? Many people opt to do the beekeeping business because it has numerous agricultural and economic benefits to farmers and the ecosystem. Some people keep bees for income generation while others for medicinal reasons. Over the centuries, honey was the only sweetener in use, and the first people to introduce beekeeping was the Egyptians. Honey was…