Beekeeping Supplies

Beehive Boxes and Honey Supers

The beehive box is the most important part of the beehive.  Langstroth hives and Warre Hives have components called a beehive box.  It is the part of the hive that contains the frames for comb, brood, and honey.

If a beekeeper is looking for beehive boxes for sale, they are typically looking for extra boxes for their beehive. Both of these types of hives are customizable in that you are able to add more beehive boxes to them in order to accommodate a larger colony.  In the Langstroth hive extra beehive boxes are added to the top of the hive, while they are added to the bottom in the Warre hive. 

Bee Space

In a Langstroth hive, the box is usually 19 ⅞ inches long, 16 ¼ inches wide, and 9 ⅝ inches in height. If you are building your own bee box it is important to follow the measurements exactly, as they take into account optimal bee space. 

Bee Space is the ideal space (⅜ inch) needed for bees to pass freely around the hive. If your hive contains more than ⅜ inch bee space, the bees will create sticky propolis and extra comb. This will make the hive difficult to inspect.  

Box measurements for a Warre Hive are smaller than that of a Langstroth, but the bee space theory still applies.  And even though the Top Bar hive does not use frames like the Langstroth and Warre, it still uses bee space for it’s bars to ensure that the bees do not create comb glued to the inside of the box.  

Beehive Boxes for Sale

While some beekeepers enjoy building beehive boxes, many lack the carpentry skills to build their own.  In that case, you can find beehive boxes for sale.

If you are lucky enough to have a beehive supply store in your area that would be a great place to start, but most people buy beehive boxes online. Websites like Amazon sell boxes both assembled and unassembled.  While an unassembled box will take some carpentry know how to get together, it comes already measured and cut, so the hardest part is done for you. 

Little Giant sells a very popular medium box on Amazon.  This beehive box for sale is made of unfinished pine.  It is one of the few boxes that come fully assembled. It can be used as either a honey super or brood box.

The Little Giant Beehive Box also comes with 10 wood assembled frames with natural colored, wax coated foundation.  This a great hive box to buy because it requires absolutely no set up. It is ready to use as soon as you receive it.  

Little Giant’s beehive box is fully compatible as an add on to most Langstroth hives.  Be aware that this beehive box for sale does not come with an inner cover, telescoping outer cover, or base. This box is made specifically to add on to your existing Langstroth hive. 

Honey Super Kit

A honey super is a box used to collect honey.  Like in a regular hive box, the super also contains 8 or 10 frames.  Basically, bees need a certain amount of wax and honey for their colony to survive winter.  Luckily for us, extra honey will be stored in the super, for the beekeeper to extract and keep.  

The width and depth of the super is the same as standard Langstroth hive boxes.  The difference is the height. While supers come in 3 sizes (shallow, medium,and deep), the most common size is shallow or medium. 

A deep super that is full of honey would be quite heavy for the average beekeeper to lift, while shallow supers do not yield as much honey.  You can expect a medium honey super to weigh about 50 pounds, so much more manageable than a deep honey super, which would weigh 70 pounds.  Multiple supers can be placed on a beehive. Most beekeepers will use at least 2-3.

Hoover Hives makes a good quality honey super. This particular one is medium sized. Like all of beehives, it is made of quality fir in the USA. The wood of the hive is coated with 100% beeswax, so no painting is necessary.

The measurements of this super are 16-1/4″ x 19-7/8″ x 6-5/8.  It also contains 10 pine frames and CellTech foundations made from food grade plastic, dipped in 100% beeswax. Beekeepers who have purchased this super have reported it being high quality and well made.


If you are looking for beehive boxes for sale you have several options.  First, you must determine what type of beehive box you need. Do you need a box for your brood?  Or do you need a super for honey?

Then, you must choose what size beehive box to get. Lastly, you must decided if you prefer an assembled or unassembled beehive box. Be sure to choose a beehive box for sale according to your own skillset.

The good thing about Langstroth (and even Warre) hives is that they are customizable when it comes to beehive boxes, so you can experiment with size and configuration to find what works best for you.