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Benefits of a Beehive Frame Grip

Hive inspections are a critical part of beekeeping.  In order to do hive inspections you must lift a frame out of the box to inspect the brood.  A good brood pattern means that you have a healthy colony.  

Lifting the frames out of the box can be a little tricky though.  Frames can get heavy and sometimes propolis makes them stick to the box.  Normally a hive tool does the trick of levering the frame out of the box, but there is a better option – a beehive frame grip.

What is a Beehive Frame Grip?

Beehive frame grips are used to remove a frame from a brood box or honey super.  It’s a great tool that allows the beekeeper to securely grip a frame with one hand. This leaves the other hand free to inspect brood.  

This tool works by clamping down and locking onto the frame.  Springs in the handle also allow the beekeeper to easily open and release the grip.  It’s a very effective tool that makes hive inspections easier and faster.  

Benefits of Using a Beehive Frame Grip

Frames Easily Removed

Using a beehive frame grip is the easiest way to get frames out of the box.  Use a hive tool to loosen up the frame first, then the frame will come out in a snap.  

No Dropping Frames

Because the frame grip is so secure, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping frames.  Then you will have your other hand free for inspecting, or anything else you may need to do.  

What to Look For in a Beehive Frame Grip


Choose a beehive frame grip with a comfortable handle.  You’ll be holding it in your hands a lot, so comfort is important.  Some handles are made of wood and some are made of steel.  

Sturdy Construction

The next thing you should look for in a beehive frame grip is sturdy construction.  Frame grips are made out of steel, which is quite strong already. Check that the steel is in good shape and all screws and springs are secure.  

Where to Buy Beehive Frame Grips

It’s not likely you will find a beehive frame grip in an ordinary hardware store.  If you have a farm supply store nearby you may be able to find one there. Other than that, you best bet would be to get one online.  

The good thing about buying online is that there are many different models to choose from. You can also read other customer reviews to help choose the best one for you.

Best Beehive Frame Grips

Weichuan Frame Grip

The Weichuan Frame Grip is popular because it has a comfortable wooden handle. The shape of the handle makes it easy to grip and it feels good in your hands. The rest of the tool is made of strong stainless steel.

Customer satisfaction is high with this frame grip, as many customers report that they are happy with their purchase. The Weichuan Frame Grip does a great job of lifting heavy frames. It’s a quality product that can last a long time.

Mann Lake Standard Frame Grip

Mann Lake has long been a favorite manufacturer of beekeeping supplies. They make a variety of items from beehives to tools. Mann Lake products are always good quality and well constructed, and their frame grip is no exception.

This frame grip is made entirely of metal. The handle is wider for comfort in the hands. The frame grip securely grasps onto the frame making it easy to lift it out of the hive. You can use this frame grip with both plastic and wood frames of all depths.

Frame Grip With Manipulation Tool

This frame grip is different from the others in that it has a manipulation tool on one end. The tool can be used similarly to a hive tool. Use it to loosen frames before removing them or to scrape propolis. This frame grip is a nice, compact size and has a strong grip.


A beehive frame grip is a tool beekeepers use to remove frames from beehives. They are useful because they easily remove heavy frames while allowing one hand to be free.