Beeswax,  DIY

Beeswax Benefits for Lips – DIY Beeswax Lip Balm

Beeswax has many uses.  It is often used to make candles, furniture polish, and hair pomade. Recently there has been more interest in using beeswax for cosmetics as well.  Did you know that there are also beeswax benefits for lips?  If you suffer from dry, cracked lips, beeswax may be the answer for you.  

What is Beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by honey bees. It is a very unique material.  People have been using beeswax for thousands of years. Researchers have even found beeswax in ancient pyramids.  Surprisingly, the wax has shown very little deterioration, proving that beeswax is a very stable material.

At  low temperatures, beeswax is brittle.  At higher temperatures, beeswax is soft and moldable.  Around 145 degrees, beeswax will melt. Beeswax is comprised of over 300 components, including fatty acids, hydrocarbons, and esters.  The chemical formula of beeswax is: C15 H31 CO2 C30 H61.

In a beehive, beeswax is made into honeycomb, which are the hexagonal shaped wax cells. These cells are important to the beehive as they are used to raise their brood and to store honey and pollen.  

How Beeswax is Made

Young worker bees have 8 wax producing glands on their abdomen.  Wax is secreted by these glands, which is used to create honeycomb cells. At first the wax is opaque and colorless, but after being chewed and incorporated with pollen and propolis, the wax turns into the yellow color we are familiar with.  

Beeswax is processed by beekeepers after they harvest honey. Bees seal each honeycomb cell with a wax capping.  At harvest time the cappings are cut off using a hot knife. The beekeeper collects those cappings and melts them down and refines them to make into other products.  

Beeswax Benefits for Lips

Since beeswax is often used for skin products, it is no surprise that there are beeswax benefits for lips.  Beeswax has the following benefits for lips:

  • Moisturizing – Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture, making it a great ingredient for dry, chapped lips.
  • Protects lips from UV rays – Much like how sunblock protects your skin, beeswax can protect your lips from harmful UV rays. 
  • Protective – Beeswax contains antibacterial elements that are great for protecting sensitive skin.
  • Natural – No parabens, added chemicals, or alcohol that could be irritating to skin.
  • Sweet taste and smell – Natural beeswax has a sweet taste and smell that is pleasant to wear on the lips.

How to Use Beeswax on Lips

The easiest way to use beeswax on lips is by using a lip balm.  Lip balms are an easy way to apply beeswax to lips and they are the perfect size to carry around with you.  You can buy plastic lip balm containers or use a tin to store your beeswax lip balm.

DIY Beeswax Lip Balm

  • 2 tbsp. beeswax pellets
  • 2 tbsp. shea butter
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 5–10 drops food grade peppermint oil (optional)
  • Lip balm containers or tins
  1. Place 2 tablespoons of beeswax pellets, 2 tablespoons of shea butter, and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into a heatproof bowl over a pot of water or into a double boiler.  Heat until ingredients are melted. 
  2. Add peppermint oil (optional) and turn off heat.
  3. Using a funnel, quickly fill lip balm containers with the melted wax mixture.  Do not cover.
  4. Leave at room temperature for several hours to harden.  Once the balm has hardened you can cover with the caps. 


Beeswax is made by bees to form honeycomb. There are many beeswax benefits for lips.  Beeswax is moisturizing, protective, and natural.