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10 Best Complete Bee Hives For Sale in 2023

Are you interested in beekeeping?  Who wouldn’t be? Beekeeping is fun, educational, and it is beneficial to our ecosystem.  To be a successful beekeeper there are a few things you must have. The most important thing is the bee hive.  This article will discuss and compare the top complete bee hives for sale, so you can choose the best one for you. 

What To Look For in a Complete Bee Hive

Type of Beehive 

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a complete bee hive for sale is the type of hive.  The 3 main types of bee hives are the Langstroth Hive, the Top Bar Hive, and the Warre Hive. Most beekeepers use the Langstroth Hive, so this article will focus on that.  However, if you are interested in other types of bee hives, you can read more about them here.  


Next, you should decide if you would like to use 8 or 10 frames.  Frames are important because they give the bees a place to build comb.  Complete bee hives will come with frames, and many complete hive kits will also include foundation.   

While 10 frames will yield more honey and brood, they can also be quite heavy.  Some beekeepers find 8 frames to be more manageable. When full of honey, 8 frame supers weigh significantly less than 10 frame supers. For example, a 10 frame medium super will weigh 50 lbs, while an 8 frame medium super will weigh 40 lbs. So keep that in mind when choosing your frames.


When looking for a complete bee hive for sale you must also consider assembly.  Some complete bee hives come fully assembled and ready to go, out of the box. While others arrive in pieces that you must put together.  

If you don’t have the proper tools, or would just rather not spend time on assembly, choose a fully assembled hive, like the Hoover Hives 10 Frame Starter Kit.  These hives come fully assembled and pre-waxed, so you don’t even have to paint them. Getting an assembled bee hive ensures that you will be able to begin beekeeping as soon as possible.

However, if you have some carpentry skills and would enjoy putting a bee hive together, many complete bee hives arrive unassembled.  Choose a hive made of quality wood, such as fir, pine, or cedar.  It is helpful if the hive pieces come with pre cut dovetail or finger joints, a simple set up, and easy to read instructions.  

Best Complete Bee Hives For Sale

1. Hoover Hives Complete Langstroth Bee Hive


  • Includes 3 boxes
  • 30 frames
  • Kit includes top cover, inner cover, queen excluder, entrance reducer, and solid bottom board.
  • Wood coated with beeswax

Hoover Hives Complete Langstroth Bee Hive comes unassembled and contains 3 boxes – 2 deep brood boxes and 1 medium super.  Each box contains 10 frames and foundation, so 30 total. Other parts included with this beehive kit are a top cover, inner cover, queen excluder, entrance reducer, and solid bottom board. Basically everything you need to get started.

An interesting thing about this hive is that the wood is coated with beeswax to protect it from the elements. That means that no toxic paint is needed, and assembly is quicker, since you don’t have to wait for paint to dry and off-gas. Some beekeepers like to paint their hives though, so be aware that because paint will not stick to waxed wood, this hive is not meant to be painted.  

To learn more about Hoover Hives and for a coupon code, see my review here.

2. Mann Lake Complete Bee Hive Kit


  • Made in the USA
  • Completely assembled
  • Frames contain yellow waxed RiteCell foundation

The Mann Lake Complete Bee Hive Kit is top rated because it comes fully assembled and painted.  Having those 2 things done for you is a huge time saver. This kit includes one box and 10 assembled wood frames with yellow waxed RiteCell foundation.  Measurements for this hive are 22-inch length by 18-1/2-inch width by 13-1/7-inch height.

This complete bee hive kit is made in the USA and also comes with a solid painted bottom board, an unpainted entrance reducer, and a painted telescoping cover with inner cover.  This is an excellent beehive for beginners. The construction is solid, and the wood is high quality. As your colony grows it is easy to add more boxes to the top.  

3. MayBee 10 Frame Beehive Starter Kit


  • Includes 10 deep and 10 medium frames with food grade plastic foundation
  • Solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, top cover, and queen excluder
  • Complete kit made of wax covered cedar wood that is easy to assemble

The MayBee 10 Frame Beehive consists of 2 boxes and 20 frames (10 deep and 10 medium).  Made of premium wax coated cedar wood, this beehive is quick and easy to assemble, and can be put together in just 10 minutes! Dimensions of this hive are 16.3 inches in width x 19.9 inches in depth x 20 inches in height.

The metal telescoping roof is preassembled, as well as the solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, and queen excluder.  It is a sturdy, simple hive that goes together relatively easy. It is recommended that you use wood glue (not included) as well as the nails to put the hive together.  

4. Busy Bee’s -n- More Complete 8 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive


  • 8 frame beehive
  • Includes 3 boxes
  • 24 frames

This complete bee hive, from Busy Bee’s n More is made to hold 8 frames.  It includes 3 boxes, 24 frames, and foundation. Dimensions of this beehive are 29-5/8″ Tall and 13-1/2″ Wide and 20″ Deep.  

Other things included with this hive are a telescoping cover, 1 screen bottom board, an entrance reducer, and 1 inner cover.  A detailed instruction guide and pre cut finger joints make assembly easy. It is recommended to use wood glue and a rubber hammer to assist and putting this hive together.  

The Busy Bees ‘n’ More Hive is available at both Amazon and Click Here to learn more about Galena Farms and get a coupon code.

5. VIVOHOME Beehive


  • 3 boxes, 20 deep and 10 medium frames
  • Solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, and queen excluder included
  • Complete kit that is easy to assemble with pre cut dovetail joints

This is a complete Langstroth box kit, including 2 deep brood boxes and 1 medium super. All frames are also included – 20 deep and 10 medium, as well as foundation.  The 3 hive boxes are made of quality cedar wood with notched joints for easy assembly.

Other items you will receive with this complete beehive kit are a solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, and queen excluder.  This is a great kit for beginners because it includes 2 deeps and 1 super, which is a popular setup for beehives.

6. Bee Castle


  • Heavy wax coated boxes (1 deep and 1 medium)
  • Includes Frames, Foundation, Inner Cover, Plastic Queen Excluder, Entrance Reducer, & Nails for Assembly
  • No need for toxic paint

The Bee Castle Bee Hive is a kit that comes with 1 deep brood box and 1 medium box.  Bee Castle uses premium wax coated pine for their hives.  Also included are frames, foundation, a solid bottom board, metal capped top cover, inner cover, queen excluder, entrance reducer, and even nails for assembly.

Because this is a wax coated hive, you do not need to paint it. The wax naturally protects the wood from the elements, so it will last a long time. Overall, this is a really attractive and well designed bee hive starter kit.

7. Happybuy Langstroth Bee Hive 4 Layer Langstroth Box 20 Frame Beehive 


  • Made of pine wood
  • Includes 20 deep and 20 medium frames
  • Telescoping roof top built with a galvanized metal cap

This complete bee hive kit comes with 4 boxes and 40 frames.  The boxes are made of pine and comes with 20 deep and 20 medium frames.  The frames each have plastic textured cell foundation. Additionally, the hive contains a metal telescoping outer cover, as well as an inner cover.  

The Happybuy Langstroth bee hive kit is made out of 100% natural pine wood.   It is unassembled and does not come with nails, so be sure to have some nails, a rubber mallet, and wood glue on hand before starting this project.  

Some people have also found that their hive did not come with assembly instructions.  The solution for this is they watched you tube videos showing bee hive assembly. Owners of this bee hive have reported that it takes 3 – 4 hours to put it together.  Because of this, I would say it is not the best beehive starter kit for people inexperienced with carpentry.  

8. NuBee Hive


  • 2 brood boxes and 1 super
  • Foundation is coated with real beeswax

The NuBee Hive is known for being both an affordable and well build beehive. This hive is unassembled and is made out of quality pine with notched finger joints for easy assembly.

With this kit, you’ll receive 2 deeps and 1 medium super. Also included are a metal capped roof, inner cover, solid bottom board, a queen excluder, entrance reducer, frames, and foundation. The foundation is coated with real beeswax, which helps encourage the bees to make comb faster.

The NuBee Hive is available at both Amazon and Click Here to learn more about Galena Farms and get a coupon code.

9. Official Flow Hive Classic


  • Easily extract honey without harming bees
  • Patented flow hive technology
  • Made in the USA and Australia with high quality BPA free and BPS free food grade plastic and premium red cedar

The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame Bee Hive is truly beautiful complete bee hive.  While it may look intimidating, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced beekeepers.    The Flow hive is made from sustainably sourced red cedar and comes with a brood box, 8 frames, a queen excluder, 6 Flow frames, tubes and a key. This hive does require assembly.

The Flow hive is different than other hives in that you are able to enjoy fresh honey on tap with a simple turn of a key.  With this hive you’ll have no need for a honey extractor. The Flow hive was designed specifically to help beekeepers extract honey without harming bees and to reduce the chance of getting stung. 

Flow Hives are made in the USA and Australia with high quality BPA free and BPS free food grade plastic.  The wood used in the Flow hive is premium Western Red Cedar. This bee hive also has a super flow integrated pest management screened bottom board, observation windows, and a sturdy gabled roof.

A con of the Flow Hive is the price. It is more expensive than the other hives on this list. Someone new to beekeeping may not want to pay that much for a new hobby.

I’ve noticed that Flow Hives have been out of stock on Amazon for a while now, so I’d recommend purchasing directly from their website instead. For more information on this hive, see my Flow Hive Review here.

10. Little Giant Complete 10 Frame Bee Hive


  • 1 deep brood box made of pine
  • 10 frames
  • Metal frame rest

This complete beehive from Little Giant is a ready to use 10 frame Langstroth hive. It contains one deep brood box measuring L 21.875” x W 18.25” x H 14”. As your colony grows, more boxes can be added on. The box is made of natural, unfinished pine, which is a common material used in beehives because of it’s strength and durability.

Other than the box, you also get  a telescoping outer cover with a protective aluminum top, vented inner cover, 10 natural wood frames with wax-coated black plastic foundation, screened bottom board, mite grid, and entrance reducer. Also included is a metal frame rest, which is really helpful for hive inspections.

Customer Reviews

Of the top 10 complete bee hives for sale, Hoover Hives, Bee Castle, and the Mann Lake Beehive have the highest ratings. 

Hoover Hives

Hoover Hives is a very popular beehive, and for good reason. This hive often receives rave reviews for it’s appearance, functionality, and durability. On top of that, Hoover Hives is also quite affordable compared to other beehives.

What sets Hoover Hives apart from other hives is that it is made with 100% beeswax coated wood. That means that you do not have to paint your hive, as the wax naturally protects the wood. The bees also tend to take to hives with wax coated wood faster because of the familiarity of beeswax. If I had to choose one complete beehive to recommend, it would be Hoover Hives.

See my complete Hoover Hives Review here.

Bee Castle

Customers have reported that Bee Castle Hive is well worth the money.  It’s many ratings give it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This hive is unassembled, but most reviewers say it is easy to put together. The wood pieces have dovetails cut into them, so expect a tight fit, and have a rubber mallet ready.

A con of this complete bee hive is that some people experienced wood splitting during assembly.  However, that is easily solved by pre drilling holes before nailing the wood pieces together.

Overall, most reviewers say this hive is good quality, solid construction, and a good choice for beginner beekeepers.  

Mann Lake Complete Beehive 

Like most Mann Lake products, this beehive also has excellent reviews.  Made in the USA, Mann lake is known for quality apiculture supplies, and this compete beehive is no exception.  One of the things customers like best about this hive is that it is well put together and already painted.  

Several customers call this hive a great buy and say it is the fastest and easiest way to get started in beekeeping.  Sturdy construction, quality frames, and reasonable price are all reasons customers say they would recommend this complete beehive.  

A con of this hive is that it costs a little more than other hives. But that is because it is assembled and painted. I can see the price being well worth it for someone who wants to skip assemble and painting, as those can take several hours to complete.


When deciding on a complete bee hive for sale, consider the following:

  • Type – Langstroth, Top Bar, or Warre Hive
  • Frames – 8 or 10 frames
  • Assembly – Assembled or Unassembled

Beginners would find an assembled Langstroth hive the easiest and fastest way to get started in beekeeping. 

Top Recommended Complete Bee Hives For Sale