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Get 20% off Beehives and Supplies in November

There are many things beekeepers can do now to prepare for winter. Now, here’s something you can do to prepare for spring.  Buy your hives, hive parts, and accessories early this year to save money. 

You can get 20% off all Hoover Hives, NuBee, Busy Bee ‘N’ More, and CellTech products when you order from Galena Farms.  Use coupon code COMPLETEBEEHIVES.  This sale begins on November 1st, so purchase now while supplies are still in stock.  

To take advantage of this awesome sale, click the button below to go to the Galena Farms website, and use coupon code COMPLETEBEEHIVES at checkout.  

Best Things to Stock Up On:

Protective Gear

Beekeepers always need protective gear, so it’s useful to be well stocked with bee suits, jackets, veils, and gloves


Hive tools and smokers are frequently used during inspections, so it’s good to have extra just in case. 

Other Accessories

Other accessories to keep on hand are queen excluders, entrance reducers, and hive stands.  

See Tools and Accessories Here

Hive Parts

Extra boxes, frames, and foundation are always useful for beekeepers.  Go with Hoover Hives if you want wax coated boxes, and Busy Bees ‘n’ More or NuBee if you want to paint them. 

See Hive Bodies and Boxes Here

The Frames offered at Galena Farms are from CellTech.  Each frame is made from Pine that has been responsibly sourced from the forests of New Zealand. The frames are lightweight, yet durable and will not bend under force.  

See Frames and Foundation Here


If you are planning to get new beehives for next year, now is the best time to buy.  This is the last big sale of the year, so if you wait until next year to purchase your hives, you will pay 20% more. 

Galena Farms sells 3 brands of beehives.  I’ve written detailed reviews on 2 of them, which you can find below.

Hoover Hives Review

Busy Bees ‘n’ More Review

What I Like About Galena Farms

Galena Farms offers a good selection of beehives, tools, and accessories that have all been expertly tested and chosen by beekeepers. Their hives are all made in the US, and are well made using high quality wood.  

I also like that they have free shipping for orders over $50. Depending on where you live, this can save you a lot of money.  I once checked on shipping costs for a beehive from another company, and it was $120 just for shipping!  

Galenas farms also ship out their items very quickly. Most orders will ship within 24-48 hours after the order is placed. Some orders are even shipped the same day!

Price wise, I feel that Galena Farms charges a fair price for the quality of their products. I have seen inferior products selling for more on Amazon.  And with this 20% off sale, you can get your beekeeping supplies for a bargain. 

Galena Farms has excellent customer service.  If you ever need to contact them, they respond quickly and with utmost care. 


This is a great sale that you shouldn’t miss out on!  For the month of November, you can get 20% off all products store wide at Use the coupon code COMPLETEBEEHIVES at checkout to receive your discount.