How Much Do Beehives Cost?

Beekeeping, like any other hobby does require some start up costs.  It is good to have an idea of how much it costs to be a beekeeper before diving into it.  One of the most common questions is how much do beehives cost?

It is difficult to give one straight answer to that because there are so many different types of beehives with vastly different price points.  But that also means that you will likely be able to find a beehive that fits your budget.  

Inexpensive Beehives

There are several inexpensive Langstroth beehives that are great for beginner beekeepers.  To save on costs, choose a hive that is unassembled and unpainted.  Hives that are pre assembled and painted save time, but tend to cost quite a bit more.  

I’d recommend buying a complete beehive kit to start with, because it comes with frames, foundation, and other parts such as the cover, bottom board, and queen excluder. 

Complete hive kits come in different configurations.  You can get either 8 frames or 10 frames, and anywhere from 1-3 boxes. As far as frames, the set ups with 8 frames cost a little less, but it’s such a small amount that it isn’t a deciding factor.  

The number of boxes it comes with is more important.  Some kits come with one box, which would serve as your brood box.  You would eventually need to purchase a second box to use as a honey super. 

 For that reason, it’s better to get a hive kit with at least 2 boxes. You can get inexpensive beehives for $100 – $150.  

Medium Priced Beehives

Medium priced beehives would likely contain 3 or more boxes.  These hives may also come assembled or painted.  

Some beehive kits will come with extra supplies, such as a bee suit, gloves, hive tool, a feeder, and more. These are good for new beekeepers because it comes with almost everything you need to get started.  However, many of these kits come with 1 box, so keep in mind that you’ll need to buy another one soon.  

Medium priced beehives go for $200 – $300. If you decide to get 3 or more boxes at once, it is a good idea to go with a medium priced beehive. 

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Expensive Beehives

Flow Hive

For those who do not have a strict budget, there are also beautiful, expensive beehives.  The Cathedral Hive comes to mind, as it is a gorgeous custom hive with hexagonal frames.  Not only is this hive ideal for bees, it looks great in any yard.  

The Cathedral Hive is made by hand in limited quantities, so it does cost more than other hives.  A fully assembled Cathedral Hive will run you $775 currently.  

Another expensive, but popular beehive is the Flow Hive.  The Flow Hive is known for being the first beehive that allows you to drain honey from a tap. It’s innovative design really changes the way you harvest honey.  

The tap system makes the process really easy and fun for the beekeeper. It’s also beneficial for the bees because it is so non invasive.  The frames do not need to leave the hive during harvesting, which means that the bees are unharmed.  

There are a few different models of Flow Hives. The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame is $629.  The Flow Hive 2+ has a few more features and will run you $869.

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When you think of beekeeping, the first thing you think of is the beehive.  Aspiring beekeepers often ask how much do beehives cost?  There is a wide variety of beehives available, and they all have different costs.  

You can get inexpensive beehives for even less than $100. Most hives fall into the medium range, at around $200.  While expensive beehives can go for $800 or more.