man and woman with a girl wearing white costumes while beekeeping

How to Find a Beekeeping Association Near Me

Like many new hobbies, beekeeping can have a large learning curve. Those that are new to beekeeping can really benefit from joining a beekeeping association to help with skills and support.

What is a Beekeeping Association?

A beekeeping association is a group or club of beekeepers that are from a specific area or community. Here, the beekeepers gather to share knowledge, resources, and support for beekeeping.

Why Join a Beekeeping Association?

There are many reasons to join a beekeeping association, especially if you are a new beekeeper. They offer education and training, support and resources, and networking and community. Additionally, many beekeeping associations host events and activities that offer hands on and fun learning opportunities.

  • Education and Training: Beekeeping associations usually offer workshops, seminars, and courses on various aspects of beekeeping, such as hive management, honey extraction, disease control, and seasonal beekeeping practices.
  • Support and Resources: Access to resources such as equipment, beekeeping literature, and mentorship programs. These associations also have experienced members who can offer advice and support to new beekeepers.
  • Networking and Community: Provides opportunities for beekeepers to meet, share experiences, and exchange information. This helps both novice and experienced beekeepers learn from each other.

How to Find a Beekeeping Association Near Me

Here are some steps to help you locate a beekeeping association in your area:

Online Search

Many beekeeping associations have websites nowadays. Use Google to search for “beekeeping association near me” or “beekeeping clubs in [your city or region]”. Using specific keywords such as your city, county, or state will narrow down the results.

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National Beekeeping Organizations

By visiting a website of a national beekeeping organization, you may be able to find a directory of local associations. Try the following websites:

Local Agricultural Extensions and Universities

Your local agricultural extension office or university agricultural department will likely have information on local beekeeping associations and can provide resources and contacts.

Social Media and Online Communities

Check social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where many local beekeeping associations have groups or pages. You can also look for beekeeping forums and community websites where members might share information about local associations.

Word of Mouth

Ask local beekeepers or farmers if they know of any associations. Farmers markets and agricultural fairs can be good places to meet beekeepers who might be part of local associations.


A beekeepers association is a group of beekeepers who gather together from a specific area. There are many reasons to join a beekeeper association, including for education, training, networking, and support. You can find a beekeepers association near you by searching online, contacting local agricultural offices, and from word of mouth.