a couple doing gardening

Spring Activities for the Elderly

The following is a guest post from The Live-in Care Hub.  The Live-in Care Hub is a not for profit organization aimed at helping older people and their families find the best possible form of live-in care and they work with live-in care providers throughout the country.

butterfly on pink petaled flower

As we head into April, it is clear that winter has come to an end and spring is upon us. There is the faint beginning of warmer weather in the air, the daffodils and crocus are starting to bloom, and the birds are very definitely beginning to sing.

Spring is a great time to get outside and start being a little bit more active, and the weather is far more likely to be on your side. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. There are plenty of activities that you can do that will help your to stay fit and active and help you benefit from the fresh air. If you provide live in home care for an elderly person then here are just a few spring activities that they might enjoy.


Walking is a great activity. It is free, doesn’t need any special equipment and best of all can be done for as long, or as little time as you want. Walking could not only fit in with your other activities but also your fitness level.

It really is a great activity and if you walk with a friend then it can also be a social activity as well. Whether you just walk around your own neighbourhood or take a trip to a local park, this is an activity that you can do every day.


a couple doing gardening

This is a great activity and one that can be very therapeutic. It is an ideal way to do some gentle exercise and get plenty of fresh air without having to go too far. This is also a great way of reducing stress levels.

All that bending and stretching that takes place whilst you are weeding is great for helping to promote flexibility. When you combine this with a trip to a local garden centre as well it can also become something of a social activity that a live in carer can also get involved in.

Tending to a pollinator garden, with a mason bee house would be especially enjoyable for the elderly, as they would be able to watch pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, in the comfort of their own yard.


Whether you are fully mobile or need to use a wheelchair, fishing is a really great relaxing outdoor activity that you can really enjoy in the spring. Find out where the good local fishing spots are and take a trip out to see what fishing is all about. And if you don’t catch anything never mind – half the fun of fishing is just being out in the fresh air and relaxing.

Spend Time With the Grandchildren

man in blue t shirt sitting beside woman in pink t shirt

There really is nothing quite like spending time with the grandchildren to keep you busy. And one thing you will notice is that they love being outdoors.

Mud and puddles hold no fear for them so be prepared. You could pack a picnic and head over to the park, fly a kite with them or even just feed the ducks.

If your grandchildren are younger, then they will probably want to take a few turns on the swings and slides and keeping an eye on them is sure to keep you on your toes. Enjoying the fresh air with loved ones, no matter what you are doing is a great way to spend time in the spring.