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    When to Stop Feeding Bees in Spring

    For the most part, bees can feed themselves, but there are times when a beekeeper may want to step in and offer some assistance.  Feeding bees sugar water can be very helpful to new colonies or during a nectar dearth.   While feeding bees sugar water can save a starving colony, it is also important to know when to stop feeding bees in spring. Giving bees too much sugar water when they don’t need it isn’t good for them too.  What do Bees Eat? There are three things bees eat – pollen, nectar, and honey.  Worker bees spend much of their time foraging pollen and nectar to bring back to the…

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    How to Use a Sugar Water Feeder For Bees

    Feeding bees can be somewhat of a controversial topic among beekeepers.  Some feel that it’s best to leave bees to their own devices and let nature take it’s course.  The weaker bees would die off, leaving a colony of stronger bees. However, there are definitely times when it is appropriate for beekeepers to feed bees. In those times it is extremely helpful to have a sugar water feeder for bees. A new colony of bees would require feeding, as well as bees recovering from illness. If for some reason there are no flowers around for bees to get pollen and nectar, they may need to be fed as well.  This…