How to Make Beehive Frames from Scratch

    If there’s one thing beekeepers go through a lot, it’s frames.  Through normal wear and tear, beehive frames periodically need to be replaced.  A way to save on costs is to make your own.  Read on to learn how to make beehive frames from scratch.  What is a Beehive Frame? The frame is a very important part of a beehive.  It is the part that the bees build wax upon.  Beehive frames hold the bee’s brood and honey.   Before the invention of modern beehives, beekeepers used to have to destroy the whole hive just to harvest honey.  But with the invention of movable frame beehives, the frames can be taken…

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    The Best Bee Hive Frames for Sale

    In this day and age, making use of bee hive frames is an efficient way of beekeeping. The best bee hive frames put the available space in your bee hives to good use. There are several very good reasons why you need to use bee hive frames if you are a commercial beekeeper. For one thing, the best bee hive frames for sale are perfectly designed and suited for many different hive sizes. They also help your honey bees when it comes to making honey by giving them a guide as to where to build comb. But perhaps the best reason why you would appreciate the best bee hive frames…