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    A Guide to Beehive Brood Boxes and Honey Supers

    The beehive box is the most important part of the beehive.  Langstroth hives and Warre Hives have components called a beehive box.  It is the part of the hive that contains the frames for comb, brood, and honey. If a beekeeper is looking for beehive boxes for sale, they are typically looking for extra boxes for their beehive. Both of these types of hives are customizable in that you are able to add more beehive boxes to them in order to accommodate a larger colony.  In the Langstroth hive extra beehive boxes are added to the top of the hive, while they are added to the bottom in the Warre…

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    Beehive Super Dimensions

    You will notice that a Langstroth Beehive consists of several wooden boxes.  Different boxes have different functions. The boxes on the bottom are called brood boxes, and the boxes on the top are called honey supers, or beehive supers. Supers are where the bees store their honey.   If you buy a complete beehive it might come with 1 super, but as your colony grows and makes more honey, you will need to add onto it.  Luckily, you can get beehive supers separately. This article will discuss everything you need to know about supers, including beehive super dimensions and their weight when full of honey. What is a Beehive Super? The…