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    How to Build a Beehive from Scratch

    For some people, being a beekeeper is about having the best beehive. One that looks completely original and is unlike any other beehive out there. A beehive that is not only unique but is also filled with a thriving colony of bees. Beehives can either be bought fully assembled, bought unassembled, or you can learn how to build a beehive from scratch. There are many benefits to raising bees. Of course, honey production from the bees is a huge plus, since you can taste freshly harvested, sweet, and all-natural honey, or even give it to a friend to enjoy. Some mass-produced honey products sold in stores have fillers and other…

  • Beehives,  DIY

    5 Tips For How to Build a Honey Bee Hive

    It’s summer! The perfect time to build a hive for honey bees. Beekeeping is an interesting and rewarding hobby, and summer is the best time to start it. If you are beekeeping novice you may be wondering how to build a hive for honey bees. Luckily since there has been a recent rise in interest in raising bees, there is a lot of information out there. I’ve also decided to compile a list of tips for anyone interested in honey bees. Hopefully these tips will help you get started with your very own honey bee hive. Use quality materials and give yourself lots of time.  When building a hive for…