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Top Beekeeping Prime Day Deals

It’s Prime Day for Amazon. If you haven’t heard of Prime Day before, it is an annual 2 day shopping event that features some of the lowest prices on items that you’ll see all year. This year, Prime Day falls on July 12 – 13.

There are so many things on sale, including beekeeping supplies. Read on to see some of the top beekeeping prime day deals I have found so far.

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1. $60 off This Beehive

This beehive is $60 off during Prime Day. That means that you can get a 2 layer, 10 frame beehive starter kit for a little over $100. And of course, shipping is free.

2. $15 off This Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping suits are a must when around a bee colony, and today you can get one for under $40.

3. 61% off Gloves

While beekeepers try their best to avoid stings, it inevitably does happen. Gloves are the only way to protect your hands from bee stings. This pair of goatskin gloves are normally priced at $29, but for 2 days you can get them for $11.

4. 20% off Beekeeping Tools

Get a 14 piece beekeeping tool set for 20% off the normal price on Prime Day.

5. Save on Pollen Patties

These patties are a high protein pollen substitute. Bee Pro Patties are specially formulated to be a complete bee diet for producing brood. Pollen patties are typically given to bees in late winter or early spring to prepare for pollinating and to increase brood production.

I hope these finds were able to save you some money on beekeeping supplies. Prime Day 2022 begins on July 12th and ends on July 13th. Have you found any other beekeeping deals? Share them below!