Never Paint a Hive Again – The Benefits of Wax Dipped Beehives

In Australia and New Zealand, beekeepers have been using a special technique for preserving their hives.  It is eco-friendly, chemical free, and they say that their hives can last as long as 30 years before retreatment is necessary. 

What is this technique?  It is called wax dipping.  This method involved dipping their beehives in molten hot wax to preserve the wood.  This results in wood that is durable and water resistant. This article will go over the benefits of wax dipped beehives, how they are made, and where you can find the best wax dipped beehives for sale. 

What Are Waxed Dipped Beehives?

Waxed dipped beehives are hives that have a coating of wax covering all wooden components.  They are also called wax coated beehives.  The types of wax that are usually used are beeswax, paraffin wax, and microcrystaline wax.  Wax dipped beehives have great protection against sun and rain, and the bees take to it well.  

Because these hives are dipped in wax, no paint is needed, and they remain quite durable throughout the years. In fact, wax dipped beehives usually last much longer than untreated and painted beehives.  Because of this, wax dipped beehives for sale have increased in popularity recently.  

Why Get Waxed Dipped Hives?

There are many benefits of wax dipped beehives. 

  • The wax covers all surfaces of the wood – both inside and out.
  • Wax dipping prevents wood rot caused by moisture and fungi.
  • No off-gassing time – hives can be used right away.
  • Greatly increases longevity of the beehive.
  • The hot wax sterilizes equipment, even killing American foulbrood spores. 
  • Old hives can be redipped and reused. 
  • Wax is more natural and chemical free than paint and stain.
  • Wax dipped hives look great. The golden sheen achieved from the wax dip is very attractive. 

How Are Waxed Dipped Beehives Made?

Wax dipping is not something that most people can do themselves at home since it requires special equipment. You’ll need a special wax dipping tank that is large enough to hold several boxes.  This tank must also be able to withstand high temperatures.  

Wax dipping beehives can also be dangerous if you are inexperienced.  Not only can the wax cause serious burns, it also has a low flash point, which means that it will catch fire if it gets too hot.  For this reason, it is important to have someone experienced dip your hives, or buy hives that are already dipped. 

First, the wax is heated to a temperature of 160 Celsius (320 Fahrenheit).  Then, the boxes are carefully submerged into the wax.  They must remain there for 10 minutes. This gives enough time for the water to boil out of the wood and be fully replaced with the wax. The boxes are then removed and dried. 

It is important for the boxes to stay submerged in the hot wax for 10 minutes because you want the wax to penetrate deeply into the wood.  This is what makes the wood strong and water repellant. 

The Best Waxed Dipped Beehives for Sale

If you have a wax dipper near you, you can take your untreated boxes to them to be dipped. They normally charge a small fee per box.  Otherwise, you’ll have to buy beehives that are already dipped.  This is what I do for the sake of convenience. 

Price wise, waxed dipped hives do cost a little more than untreated hives, but once you factor in the cost of wax dipping/paint/stain, it really evens out in the end. And if you think about it in the long run, wax dipped beehives last so much longer than painted hives, saving you even more money.

The wax dipped beehives for sale that I prefer are from Hoover Hives.  The hives are high quality, durable, and attractive.  I order my hives online, at There, you can get your hive assembled or unassembled and also get free shipping. 

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Hoover Hives

Hoover hives is best known for their eco-friendly, wax dipped beehives. They offer both complete hives and hive parts.  To ensure their hives are completely protected, Hoover Hives dips all of their hives twice.  

The first dip uses a mixture of 2 organic waxes – paraffin and a mineral called ozokerite. Ozokerite, also known as earth wax, is a naturally occuring mineral wax. The hives are submerged for several minutes, until the wood has been impregnated with the wax.  

The second coating is 100% beeswax.  Hoover Hives likes to use beeswax because it helps the bees get better acclimated to their new home.  It also gives their hives a beautiful golden sheen.  

Aside from the wax coating, Hoover Hives are always of the best quality.  Each piece showcases superior craftsmanship, precision cuts, and tight dovetail joints. Hoover hives come in 8 frame and 10 frame configurations.  You can get hive kits, hive parts, and even a starter kit with accessories. 

For more information on Hoover Hives wax dipped beehives, you can see my full review here.  

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Wax dipped beehives are a great alternative to painted beehives because they are extremely durable, while also being chemical free. You can find wax dipped beehives for sale online, or you can take your untreated hives to a wax dipper.