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    How Many Honey Bees in a Hive?

    A colony is the community of bees that live in a hive. But just how many honey bees are in a hive? This is a question that isn’t so easy to answer in exact figures. There are statistically accurate estimates that vary with the size of the hive. So, without talking about specifics, let’s look at how many honey bees typically live in a hive. A single honey bee colony could consist of anywhere from 10,000 to well over 70,000 bees. The hive often functions as a single organism with the majority of members being female worker bees who are all often offspring of the same queen bee. Determining the…

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    How to Make a Bee House for Mason Bees

    Beekeeping isn’t just a hobby for people who want to make a profit by selling honey; it’s also useful for flower pollination in a garden. Additionally, gardeners are always looking for new ways to decorate and improve their garden. You can use a bee house to increase the wellness of your garden. For this purpose, you need a different kind of bee and a different kind of bee house than what you would need for harvesting honey. Regular beehives are usually enclosed with one small entrance for bees to enter and exit through. Mason bee houses have a completely alternate setup. Mason bee houses are open-faced with lots of individual…

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    How Much Honey Does a Bee Make?

    Honey bees work together with their hive to make sweet golden delicious honey. It takes constant teamwork and dedication all year round from the bees and their keepers. Throughout the seasons, the bees go through a cycle of growing their hive, pollinating flowers, and creating honey in their hive. If anything is messed up along the way, the cycle gets disrupted, and the honey will not be produced. When you buy that little bear-shaped container of honey at the grocery store, I’ll bet you’re not thinking about the enormous amount of time and effort honey bees went through in order to make that one bottle. The truth is, it takes…

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    All You Need to Know About Langstroth Bee Hives for Sale

    If you have ever imagined a bee hive or seen one on TV, in an advert or on the side of the road as you drove through the country, you saw a Langstroth bee hive. For over 150 years, Langstroth bee hives for sale have dominated the industry despite the many different, newer, and more advanced options available. The simple truth when it comes to the popularity of the Langstroth bee hive brand is that – it works! We are going to take a closer look at Langstroth bee hives, what they are made of, why they are so popular and why you should consider using them on your next…

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    The Best Bee Hive Frames for Sale

    In this day and age, making use of bee hive frames is an efficient way of beekeeping. The best bee hive frames put the available space in your bee hives to good use. There are several very good reasons why you need to use bee hive frames if you are a commercial beekeeper. For one thing, the best bee hive frames for sale are perfectly designed and suited for many different hive sizes. They also help your honey bees when it comes to making honey by giving them a guide as to where to build comb. But perhaps the best reason why you would appreciate the best bee hive frames…

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    How Many Queen Bees are in Each Hive?

    The “Queen Bee” is often thought of as the most important member of the colony and bee hive. In many ways, this is actually true. However, there are some situations where the worker bees have more “say” and control over the colony than the queen bee. Let’s take a quick look at how many queen bees there can be in a bee hive and how important the queen bee actually is to the colony. How Many Queen Bees Can There Be in a Bee Hive? The simple answer to this question is one. In most cases, there’s only one queen bee in a bee hive. There are, however, some situations…

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    The Different Types of Commercial Beehives for Sale

    Whenever you are looking for commercial beehives for sale, it’s important to know that there are many different types that each serve a different purpose. Therefore, the beehive you choose will determine the kind of results you get. That’s why extensive research is necessary before jumping in and paying for one. Why Is Choosing the Right Commercial Beehive Important? To understand how important your beehive choice is all you have to do is imagine yourself house hunting. There are certain qualities that the house you choose must have otherwise you simply won’t be satisfied living in – it if you live in it at all. It’s more or less the…

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    How to Build a Beehive from Scratch

    For some people, being a beekeeper is about having the best beehive. One that looks completely original and is unlike any other beehive out there. A beehive that is not only unique but is also filled with a thriving colony of bees. Beehives can either be bought fully assembled, bought unassembled, or you can learn how to build a beehive from scratch. There are many benefits to raising bees. Of course, honey production from the bees is a huge plus, since you can taste freshly harvested, sweet, and all-natural honey, or even give it to a friend to enjoy. Some mass-produced honey products sold in stores have fillers and other…

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    Beehive Starter Kits for Sale

    Beekeeping can become a fun and enjoyable hobby for you; it can even be profitable if you do it right. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a creature so small create something so sweet. As you start to set up your beehive, remember that bees are living creatures. They need food, water, and shelter, just the way many other living things need these to survive; bees just collect and consume these in a slightly different way than domesticated animals. As the beekeeper, it is your job to keep up with hive maintenance, food restoration, and anything else the bees need in order to live a healthy life. Bee colonies can…

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    The Best Unassembled Beehive Kits

    Beekeeping can be rather rewarding when you know what you are doing. In many cases, bees get a bad rap because people tend to view them as hostile and in some cases, dangerous. These notions come from an inexperienced and somewhat ignorant vantage point. Yes, bees are naturally territorial and tend to be hostile when they feel threatened or that you have intruded. If, however, you give them a suitable home and learn how to handle them, bees can be very rewarding. That is why you need to find them the best home, to begin with. This is a review of the best-unassembled beehive kits for sale. Hopefully, this will…