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    How to Build a Langstroth Bee Box

    Bees are a very unique insect species. Between the way their family is set up, and how particular they are on the structural aspects of their home, you won’t find any other insect or animal in the world that is as precise as bees as far as their lifestyle goes. They’re special in their own way. How to Build a Langstroth Bee Box When you start to build the bee box, take your time. Don’t rush things because you’re excited to begin beekeeping; this will only reduce the quality of the bee box, and the bees may not take to it well. You need to have patience, careful planning, and…

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    All About Honey Extractors

    As an apiarist, you take careful steps towards making a jar of honey. It’s anything but a short process, but in the end, it makes something that is so very delicious. Have you ever wondered, how does a honey extractor work? It starts with creating a beehive and making a home for the bees. Then, you continue to take care of them as they go about their day-to-day lives, all the while, they are slowly beginning to make honey inside the homes in their honeycomb. Once the job is done, you remove the wax comb. Always do this very carefully and gently to ensure the safety of the bees. Honey…