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Best Bee Suit For a Child

One of the things I really like about beekeeping is that it’s a hobby that the whole family can enjoy together.  Children are so interested in insects and nature that it’s no wonder that they would also love beekeeping. If you have or know a child that you would like to introduce to beekeeping the first thing you need is a bee suit for a child.  

Of course safety when working with bees is always most important, so it’s necessary to have a good protective bee suit for a child. This will protect them from any stings that may occur and make them feel comfortable in the bee yard.  

There are a few things to consider when choosing a child’s bee suit.  First you must be sure that it fits well. Then you must think about the material used and what color the child would like.  Lastly, you should look at the type of veil included with the bee suit. Below I’ve reviewed several bee suits and jackets that would be great for children.  

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Benefits of Beekeeping for Kids 

Not only is beekeeping a lot of fun for kids, it’s also educational.  They get a hands on experience of nature at work. Kids will have a chance to learn about science, the environment, and responsibility.  

This day and age, it seems like kids are sitting behind screens more often than not.  Beekeeping gives kids a wonderful opportunity to be out in nature. There is no doubt that they will find beehives truly fascinating. Children will have a chance to see up close how bees work together.  

If you let kids help with harvesting honey they will understand all the work that goes into each jar of honey.  This will give them a new appreciation for things. Allowing children to regularly help with hive inspections will teach them responsibility and give them a sense of pride that they are a part of something so interesting.  

Lastly, as a parent, beekeeping with kids gives you a great opportunity to spend time with your children and make lasting memories together.  

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What to Look For in a Bee Suit For a Child 


It is important for a bee suit for a child to have a proper fit.  A bee suit that is too large would make it difficult for the child to move around.  While, a suit that is too small would be uncomfortable and possibly leave skin exposed. 

You do want the bee suit to be slightly on the looser side.  You want to ensure easy movement and comfort. If using a bee jacket check that the jacket is long enough to cover the child’s entire back and torso when bending over.  

A feature I’d recommend when looking for a bee suit for a child is elastic at the wrists and ankles.  The elastic effectively closes off openings where bees could possibly enter.  


There are 2 different types of bee suits. The traditional one is made of thick cotton canvas.  This material provides great protection against bee stings. 

However, if you live in a warmer climate you may want to get a ventilated bee suit.  These suits are made of several layers of breathable mesh. The multiple layers stop bee stings while also allowing for air flow. 


Most bee suits are white because bees tend to find lighter colors calming. Conversely, some people believe that the color black makes bees angry because they associate the color with bears.  But most beekeepers say that the color of the bee suit doesn’t make any difference.

Your child may prefer to have a colorful bee suit, or a bee suit with designs.  While white bee suits are easiest to find, there are some colorful options too.  


The protective head covering used in beekeeping is called the veil.  Veils come in different shapes and styles, but they all have the same purpose – to keep bees away from the face and neck.  

Some veils consist of a wide brimmed hat with mesh hanging down.  Another popular style of veil resembles fencing headgear. Both work well to protect against bee stings.  When choosing a veil for a child I’d recommend getting one that zippers directly to the body of the bee suit.  That way putting on and taking off the veil will be easy and there will be no openings for bees to get in.  

Best Bee Suits For Children

Luwint Kids Full Body Ventilated Beekeeping Suit – White

This is a great, basic bee suit for child. This full body beekeeping suit is made of lightweight cotton.  It is also ventilated to keep the child nice and cool. This bee suit comes in white and includes a self supporting fencing veil hood.  

This particular bee suit comes in one size.  It will fit a child between 4.59-4.76ft, so aged 5 – 10 years old.  A great feature of this bee suit for child is the elastic bands at the wrists and ankles.  As I mentioned before, this is a must have for kids, as it keeps the bee suit closed and prevents bees from getting in.  

The veil is the fencing style, which offers great visibility. Furthermore, it is easily detachable and installs with a zipper.  I also like that this bee suit is machine washable, as that makes cleaning up so much easier. 

Overall, this is a great bee suit for any child.  It offers protection while also being lightweight.  Definitely a great bee suit for a good price!  

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Luwint Kids Full Body Ventilated Beekeeping Suit – Yellow

This bee suit is also from Luwint, so it has many similarities to the white Luwint suit I previously reviewed. This bee suit for child comes in yellow, which I really like.  It’s a cheerful color that both boys and girls could wear.  

While the white suit comes in one size, this one comes in 4 different sizes: 3.9 ft, 4.26 ft, 4.6 ft, and 4.9 ft.  The sizing is a little confusing, so please check the measurements on the sizing chart below before ordering. That way you will get the perfect fit.  If your child is between sizes I’d recommend buying one size up.  

This is a full body, ventilated bee suit with elastic around the wrists and ankles.  The veil is attached to the suit with heavy duty zippers. It has 4 pockets, which is great for kids to carry tools.  

I really like the color of this bee suit, and I’m sure most kids would too.  But most importantly, this suit does a good job of keeping the child safe around bees.  

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Honey Lake Full Body Ventilated Beekeeping Suits for Kids

This Honey Lake Beekeeping Suit for kids is a full body suit made of high quality cotton.  This suit is white and comes in 5 different sizes. See the size chart below for measurements.  

This bee suit has elastic on the wrists and waist, and has thumb holes to keep everything in place.  The hood is made of a wide brimmed hat with sturdy mesh protecting the face. This type of veil is a little larger than the fencing style, but offers great visibility. The hat and veil zips on and off the suit.  

If you would prefer a round hat style of bee veil, this is the suit for you.  I also like that this bee suit comes in many different sizes.  

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NewBee Children’s Beekeeping Protective Cotton Suit

I really like this child bee suit by NewBee.  It is protective while also being comfortable.  The NewBee beekeeping suit comes in sizes x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.  See sizing information in the chart below.

This bee suit has elastic wrists and ankles, as well as thumb loops. The veil is fencing style and zippers to the suit.  Multiple pockets and quality pull zippers make this a great bee suit for any child.  

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VIVO White Youth Sized Beekeeping Jacket

If you don’t want a full beekeeping suit, it’s a good idea to get a beekeeping jacket.  There are bee jackets in child sizes. This bee jacket from VIVO comes in 2 sizes for kids – medium and large, as well as adult sizes.  Youth sizes fit children aged 7-9.  

It is a pull over type jacket made of lightweight polyester fabric.  It is designed to keep the child cool while also protecting against bee stings.  Elastic at the sleeves and waist prevent bees from entering the jacket.  

A con of this jacket is that there are no thumb holes, so it is possible that the sleeves could ride up when working on the beehive.  However, if you are wearing gloves that should not be a problem.

The veil is the round/hat style and partially zips off and is collapsible.  Since this is just a jacket and not a full suit, be sure to wear thick jeans with it, as well as gloves. 

Overall, this is a nice, well made beekeeping jacket.  It does it’s job while also being quite affordable.  

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Honey Lake Bee Jacket for Kids

Honey Lake also makes a bee jacket that is basically the same as the VIVO beekeeping jacket. It is made of lightweight, cool fabric and includes a veil that partially zips off. Like the VIVO jacket, this jacket has elastic on the wrists and waist. 

This bee jacket comes in one size.  The measurements are 28″ from the brim of the hat to the elastic waistband, 18″ from shoulder to elastic sleeve, 17″ from the hood zipper to the elastic waistband.  Children 4’0″ to 4’5″ in height would fit this jacket. 

It’s a good, basic beekeeping jacket for a great price.  You really can’t go wrong with either this jacket or the VIVO one. 

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Bee Gloves for Child

While this article is mainly about bee suits, I also want to mention bee gloves for a child.  Most bee suits do not include gloves, so be sure to pick up a pair. For the most protection, find thick gloves that cover up to the elbows. 

Not only do gloves protect the hands and arms from bee stings, they also provide protection against sharp tools or a hot smoker.  Leather gloves with an elastic closure cuff are the best for kids. Bee gloves are available in child sizes online.  

How to Wash a Beekeeping Suit

It is important to wash your bee suit regularly to keep it in the best condition.  First of all, the suit will get dirty and sweaty from use. Secondly, you want to wash off the bee’s alarm pheromones that may be on the suit.  You should wash your suit any time it gets dirty, or if you have had contact with aggressive bees.

Some beekeeping suits are machine washable, while others require hand washing.  If your suit is machine washable, remove the veil before placing it into the washing machine. Use fragrance free detergent, as bees can sometimes be sensitive to smells.  Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. After the washing machine is done, remove the bee suit and hang to dry.

If your bee suit must be hand washed, soak the suit in a mixture of water and a small amount of detergent for about 15 minutes.  Hand wash and rinse thoroughly. Hang to air dry.    

To clean the veil, soak it in water and soap and hand wash. Rinse in clean water and hang dry.  

For grass and dirt stains, OxiClean works great as a stain remover.  If you have wax on your suit, scrape it off, or you can pour hot water on the wax to melt it away.  Be aware that propolis stains are nearly impossible to fully remove. Pre soaking and stain spot treatments can help though.  Do not let some stains deter you.  Beekeeping is not a glamourous hobby, and bee suits are meant to get dirty.  


Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby to involve children in.  Kids interested in beekeeping need to wear a bee suit to protect them from stings.  It is important to find a children’s bee suit in the right size.  

There are a few different bee suits that are made just for kids, and in various colors too. Choose a bee suit for child that has the proper fit, is made of quality material, is the color of your child’s liking, and has the right type of veil.  Choosing a bee suit for a child has some challenges, but it’s definitely worth it to have a hobby you and your child can enjoy together.