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Beehive Starter Kits for Sale

Beekeeping can become a fun and enjoyable hobby for you; it can even be profitable if you do it right. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a creature so small create something so sweet. As you start to set up your beehive, remember that bees are living creatures. They need food, water, and shelter, just the way many other living things need these to survive; bees just collect and consume these in a slightly different way than domesticated animals.

As the beekeeper, it is your job to keep up with hive maintenance, food restoration, and anything else the bees need in order to live a healthy life. Bee colonies can die due to poor conditions created by the beekeeper. One thing you can do to prevent this is to make sure you have absolutely everything required for a proper beehive. Healthy bees mean higher honey production.

Beehive starter kits for sale come with all of the tools you need, including an assembled beehive box with frames, protective head or body coverings, a smoker, and other various beekeeping tools.

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

basic beekeeping starter kit

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Items included

  • 10 frames (9 1/8” with Natural Waxed Rite-cell Foundation)
  • Telescoping cover
  • Bottom board with entrance reducer
  • 9 ½” hive tool
  • Leather gloves (large)
  • Alexander bee veil
  • Dome top smoker


This beehive starter kit for sale is made by the company, Mann Lake. It comes completely assembled and painted, straight out of the box, and has everything you need to start beekeeping. The list above shows all the items that are included in the kit, excluding a bee feeder, which you will have to purchase separately. There are a couple of different types of feeders you can use. Entrance feeders will be your cheapest option – click here to see bee feeders on Amazon. However, this beekeeping kit does come with a handy instruction manual to help you start your beehive.

entrance feeder

In the Items Included list, you will see a bullet that says, “Alexander bee veil.” Wear this veil to keep your head, neck, and face safe from bee attacks. Typically, you might want to wear a full-body protective suit or another piece of protective clothing, but the veil provides substantial enough protection for crucial areas of the body, as long as you tuck it into your jacket with no inlet available for bees to slip through.

Use the leather gloves anytime you’re dealing with the hive since that’s the area on your body that is the most exposed. Bees don’t always mess with people, but they are sure to be mad when you clean out all of their delicious honey.

Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit

deluxe beehive starter kit

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Items Included

  • Telescoping metal cover
  • Inner cover
  • Reversible entrance reducer
  • Entrance feeder
  • Hive tool
  • Bee smoker
  • Fuel for smoker
  • Bee veil
  • Sting resistant gloves
  • Beginner’s beekeeping book


This Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit for sale is superior to the Basic Starter Kit, and it contains a lot more items you’ll need for beekeeping. The smaller kit has one small-sized beehive box; this deluxe kit has a larger box with two 6 5/8” supers, which you can see in the picture above (the hive box has two visible sections). It also comes with a small supply of fuel for the bee smoker, as well as an entrance feeder.

Of course, it’s more expensive to go this route; but it’s less hassle in the long-run. You’ll find that there’s no need to make extra purchases after you buy the deluxe kit. You should only need to buy two things – the beekeeping starter kit and bees. Besides the bees themselves, this deluxe starter kit is only missing one thing, and that is a full-body protection suit.

Not everyone prefers to wear the extra coverage, aka someone who is used to bee stings, but it can’t hurt to be safe rather than sorry. This is a great beginning beehive starter kit for sale.

Gold Standard Beehive Starter Kit

gold standard beehive starter kit

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Items Included

  • Inner cover
  • Top cover
  • Hive tool
  • Bee smoker
  • Fuel for smoker
  • Bee brush
  • Plastic queen excluder
  • Beekeeping manual
  • Boardman entrance bee feeder
  • Alexander bee veil
  • Ventilated leather gloves (Medium)


The Gold Standard Beehive Starter Kit is the top of the line beekeeping kit. It comes with a 10-frame beehive, complete with two (9 5/8”) deep brood boxes and a medium depth super, both with frames and plasticell foundation. So, there is plenty of room for lots of bees and lots of honey. If you don’t plan on owning several beehives, but you still want a high output of honey, this is the kit you should buy.

It is fully assembled and comes with absolutely everything you need, apart from bees. This beehive starter kit for sale works well no matter if you are a beginner beekeeper or a professional; but, if you are a beginner, make use of the beekeeping manual, “First Lessons in Beekeeping,” that comes in the kit. This book will help you tremendously when you’re starting out.

A few items included in the Gold Standard Kit that aren’t included in lesser beekeeping starter kits are a bee brush, ventilated leather gloves, and a plastic queen excluder. The queen excluder keeps the bee queen separated in her own area, making it easier to keep track of her. If for some reason you ever have to move the hive to another box, finding the queen is important; the excluder quickens the process.

How Beekeeping Benefits the Environment

honey bee on flowers

As you may have heard in recent years, the worldwide bee population is shrinking. As small as they are, they’re the reason we have food and plants. When bees carry pollen from plant to plant in their pollination process, they help the plants grow and reproduce.

Without this very important process, most or all plants, especially those that produce edible fruits, will perish. 90% of flowering plant species are dependent on insect pollination. Without bees, humans and animals will go hungry, and diseases will thrive.

When you make the decision to become a beekeeper, you’re not only benefiting yourself by trying out a new skill; you’re also benefiting the environment by growing and aiding in the bee population.