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What is a Beekeeping Frame Perch?

Did you ever wonder why bee suits have so many pockets?  It’s because beekeepers need to hold a lot of things. There’s the smoker, bee brush, frame grip, hive tool, and the frames themselves!  How do beekeepers manage so many things all at once? 

Pockets help with the smaller tools, but what about the frames?  During hive inspections beekeepers will pull one or more frames out of the brood or honey super box.  If they’re lucky they have a frame perch to hold the frames. Otherwise, the frames tend to end up on the ground.  

Of course, it’s not an ideal situation to put your precious frames on the ground, so it is recommended to use a beekeeping frame perch.  This article will discuss the benefits of using a frame perch, how to choose a frame perch, and where to find a beekeeping frame perch for sale.

What is a Beekeeping Frame Perch?

After the hive tool, many beekeepers call the frame perch their favorite tool.  Also known as a frame holder or frame rest, the beekeeping frame perch connects to the side of the beehive, giving the frames a safe place to hang.  

The frame perch simply hangs on the outside of the box. Two bars stick out for you to rest the frames on.  The frames hang on the bars just like they would inside the hive. It’s very simple, and very useful.  

Benefits of Using a Frame Perch

There are several benefits of using a frame perch in beekeeping. It keeps the frames from touching the ground, is noninvasive, and keeps the frames in order.

Frames Don’t Touch the Ground

It eliminates the need to put your frames on the ground.  While it’s okay to put your frames on the ground it isn’t ideal.  There’s a chance that the frames could fall over, bees could get crushed, and comb could be damaged. Plus, the ground is dirty and if the queen crawled off the frame onto the ground it would be difficult to find her.  


Beekeepers also like using a frame perch because it doesn’t bother the bees.  It’s very noninvasive, with the frame not having to be moved around alot. That makes for more docile bees.  

Keeps Frames in Order

Having a frame perch also helps to keep frames in order during inspections.  With a frame perch you can easily keep track of which frames have already been inspected and the order in which they should return to the box. 

What to Look for in a Beekeeping Frame Perch 

When choosing a beekeeping frame perch you should look for a few things.  


Frames can sometimes be heavy, so it’s important to have a strong frame perch. The last thing you want is a flimsy perch that breaks, causing your frames to fall. Look for a frame perch made of a strong, durable metal, like stainless steel.  

Number of Frames it Holds 

Different perches hold a different amount of frames. Most perches can hold 3 frames at a time, however some hold more or less.  

Standard or With Hive Stand

Frame perches can be bought alone, or you can buy a hive stand with a perch attached. It’s good to have a standard frame perch to use on existing hives.  Plus, you can use that one perch on multiple hives.  

But if you are looking for a hive stand anyway, it is useful to have the perch attached.  That way you won’t have to carry the perch with you.  

Where to Buy a Beekeeping Frame Perch

Beekeeping frame perches are simple tools, so you may have luck finding them at a hardware store, or a farm supply store.  Otherwise, there are a lot of perches for sale online. If you’re handy, you can also try your hand at making a frame perch as well.  

Best Beekeeping Frame Perches 

Frame Perch Tool for Beekeepers by Farmstand Supply


  • Can hold 4 frames
  • Made of white powder coated steel
  • Made in the USA
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Mann Lake HD650 Stainless Steel Beehive Frame Perch


  • Can hold 3 frames
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable – will last for years
  • Made by a trusted beekeeping company 
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DoubleWood Beekeeping Frame Holder 


  • Can hold 3 frames
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable, will not rust
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Best Hive Stands With Perches

VIVO Black Plastic Beehive Stand


  • 4 solid sturdy feet
  • Metal support bars extend 8.3 inches to hold frames
  • Classic black color with open slot design
  • Beehive weight is evenly distributed
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Ultimate Hive Stand for Beekeepers


  • Swing out frame holders
  • Technopolymer construction will not rust or rot
  • Made in the USA from recycled materials
  • Large footpads ensure stability
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A beekeeping frame perch is a great tool for beekeepers.  A frame perch holds the frames during hive inspections so the frames don’t have to go on the ground. Most frame perches can hold 3 – 4 frames.  Some hive stands have frame perches built in.