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    Caring For Bees in the Winter

    Winter is a vulnerable time for bees.  The 2 things they need to survive – warmth and food are not readily available during the cold winter months.    If there are no flowers to forage from, what do bees eat in the winter? This article will discuss what bees do in the winter, what bees eat in the winter, and how to feed bees in the winter.  What Bees Do During Winter Unlike bears or birds, bees do not hibernate or fly away during the cold months.  Instead, they gather in their hive. When the temperature drops to the 50s it’s time for the bees to return to the hive…

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    What is Migratory Beekeeping?

    The two types of beekeeping  that most people know are hobby and commercial beekeeping.  Hobby beekeeping refers to those who own a few hives and keep bees for fun, or for a small profit.  This is also called backyard beekeeping or urban beekeeping. Commercial beekeepers have a lot of beehives and keep bees primarily for profit.  Beekeeping is a serious business, and it can be challenging to find quality beekeeping equipment. Whether you go for commercial or urban beekeeping, you need an excellent quality beekeeping kit. There is also another type of beekeeping that has a huge impact on the produce we eat.  Migratory beekeeping is responsible for the pollination of many…

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    Get 20% off Beehives and Supplies in November

    There are many things beekeepers can do now to prepare for winter. Now, here’s something you can do to prepare for spring.  Buy your hives, hive parts, and accessories early this year to save money.  You can get 20% off all Hoover Hives, NuBee, Busy Bee ‘N’ More, and CellTech products when you order from Galena Farms.  Use coupon code COMPLETEBEEHIVES.  This sale begins on November 1st, so purchase now while supplies are still in stock.   To take advantage of this awesome sale, click the button below to go to the Galena Farms website, and use coupon code COMPLETEBEEHIVES at checkout.   Best Things to Stock Up On: Protective Gear Beekeepers…

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    How to Protect Your Plants from Insects

    Insects are a part of life. Do you have insect problems with your plants? Have you been successful in getting rid of them? How can you protect your plants from insects before it’s too late? In this article we will briefly explore insect control and how to control plant pests. Insect Control There are many pest companies that can help you get rid of unwanted insects and pests. How do you choose the right pest control company? This question could be an article all on its own, but here are some things to consider when choosing a pest company. Reputation Licensing Certifications Specialty Methods Liability Here are some important questions…

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    How to Use a Sugar Water Feeder For Bees

    Feeding bees can be somewhat of a controversial topic among beekeepers.  Some feel that it’s best to leave bees to their own devices and let nature take it’s course.  The weaker bees would die off, leaving a colony of stronger bees. However, there are definitely times when it is appropriate for beekeepers to feed bees. In those times it is extremely helpful to have a sugar water feeder for bees. A new colony of bees would require feeding, as well as bees recovering from illness. If for some reason there are no flowers around for bees to get pollen and nectar, they may need to be fed as well.  This…

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    10 Interesting Drone Bee Facts

    A male honey bee is called a drone. Drones have one role in the colony, and when they are no longer needed, worker bees will kick them out of the hive. Often called lazy because they don’t do as much as their female counterparts, drones are vital for the expansion of the bee colony. Read on for more interesting drone bee facts. 1. Drones cannot sting. Drone bees do not have stingers. That means that they are unable to protect themselves. However, they will sometimes swing their abdomen around in an attempt to frighten their attacker. 2. Drones mate in the air. Queens must mate in flight because it increases…

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    What Is a Hardiness Zone Map?

    The following is a guest post from Julie Fischer, a gardening specialist who also works as a full-time gardener. She loves being outdoors, spending time with her cats, and is working on cultivating her own garden in California. The growing zone you’re located in makes up the basis of knowledge for a healthy garden.Understanding your growing zone for a better harvest is the best tool in your arsenal ofgardening knowledge. Many seed packets will have the best zones for the plant listed on theback.  A hardiness zone map has been a standard for determining what kind of plants can growaccording to annual temperatures. In the United States, it is produced…

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    Nucs or Package Bees – Which is Better?

    Like any new hobby, beekeeping has some words that most people don’t understand.  When I first became interested in beekeeping I began to read everything I could online. Luckily, there is  a lot of information online for prospective beekeepers. However, one word kept popping up that I did not understand – Nuc.  What is a nuc in beekeeping? In beekeeping, a nuc is a small colony of bees.  The term nuc is short for nucleus colony, and they typically contain 1 queen and a few thousand bees.  These bees are housed in a small hive containing 3-5 frames.   Nuc vs Package Bees  Both nucs and package bees are both used…

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    Top Beekeeping Prime Day Deals

    It’s Prime Day for Amazon. If you haven’t heard of Prime Day before, it is an annual 2 day shopping event that features some of the lowest prices on items that you’ll see all year. This year, Prime Day falls on July 12 – 13. There are so many things on sale, including beekeeping supplies. Read on to see some of the top beekeeping prime day deals I have found so far. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you and helps to keep this website running. 1. $60 off This Beehive This beehive is $60 off during Prime Day. That…

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    How Much Honey Does a Bee Make?

    Honey bees work together with their hive to make sweet golden delicious honey. It takes constant teamwork and dedication all year round from the bees and their keepers. Throughout the seasons, the bees go through a cycle of growing their hive, pollinating flowers, and creating honey in their hive. If anything is messed up along the way, the cycle gets disrupted, and the honey will not be produced. When you buy that little bear-shaped container of honey at the grocery store, I’ll bet you’re not thinking about the enormous amount of time and effort honey bees went through in order to make that one bottle. The truth is, it takes…