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    Beehives That Drain Honey

    Harvesting honey is one of the most exciting things about beekeeping.  After several months of hive inspections and maintenance, you finally get to reap the rewards of your hard work.  But, harvesting honey is sticky, messy, and time consuming.   To remedy that, a whole new type of beehive has been created.  These beehives that drain honey feature the latest in honey harvesting technology to allow honey to be collected directly from the beehive.   How Beehives That Drain Honey Work Beehives that drain honey work by utilizing special frames in the honey super.  The frames in the brood box are the same as traditional Langstroth hives, but the frames in the…

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    The Best Bee Hive Frames for Sale

    In this day and age, making use of bee hive frames is an efficient way of beekeeping. The best bee hive frames put the available space in your bee hives to good use. There are several very good reasons why you need to use bee hive frames if you are a commercial beekeeper. For one thing, the best bee hive frames for sale are perfectly designed and suited for many different hive sizes. They also help your honey bees when it comes to making honey by giving them a guide as to where to build comb. But perhaps the best reason why you would appreciate the best bee hive frames…

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    Flow Hive Reviews: Read This Before Buying a Flow Hive

    Have you heard about the Flow Hive?  It is a new type of beehive that utilizes the most up to date technology to eliminate the need for a honey extractor.  As it’s name implies, honey simply flows from this beehive through a spout. With the flow hive you’ll basically have honey on tap.  This method of harvesting honey is non invasive to bees and easy for the beekeeper.  Sound too good to be true? See our flow beehive reviews below to decide if this is the beehive for you. This article will discuss all of the features the Flow Hive has to offer, as well as it’s pros and cons.…

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    Best Bee Suit For a Child

    One of the things I really like about beekeeping is that it’s a hobby that the whole family can enjoy together.  Children are so interested in insects and nature that it’s no wonder that they would also love beekeeping. If you have or know a child that you would like to introduce to beekeeping the first thing you need is a bee suit for a child.   Of course safety when working with bees is always most important, so it’s necessary to have a good protective bee suit for a child. This will protect them from any stings that may occur and make them feel comfortable in the bee yard.   There…

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    Beehive Starter Kits for Sale

    Beekeeping can become a fun and enjoyable hobby for you; it can even be profitable if you do it right. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a creature so small create something so sweet. As you start to set up your beehive, remember that bees are living creatures. They need food, water, and shelter, just the way many other living things need these to survive; bees just collect and consume these in a slightly different way than domesticated animals. As the beekeeper, it is your job to keep up with hive maintenance, food restoration, and anything else the bees need in order to live a healthy life. Bee colonies can…

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    Everything You Need to Know About Mason Bee Houses

    While honeybees tend to be the real stars of beekeeping, mason bees are also a great bee to raise.  Mason bees do not produce honey, but they are great pollinators and are very easy to care for. This article will discuss the differences between mason bees and honey bees, the benefits of mason bees, and compare a few mason bee hives for sale.   What is a Mason Bee? Mason bees are named because they use mud and masonry to build their nests. They typically like nesting in small, dark spaces, such as cracks in the wall, or hollowed out tubes.   The biggest difference between mason bees and honey bees is…

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    Best Bee Hive For Beginners

    Beekeeping is an incredibly interesting and rewarding hobby.  It dates back to 10,000 years ago, and is now having a surge of popularity. Urban beekeeping, or backyard beekeeping has been popping up everywhere due to recent interest in sustainability.  If you are interested in beekeeping, this article will discuss the benefits of beekeeping and the best bee hive for beginners. Disclosure: As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you and helps to keep this website running. Benefits of Beekeeping  Honey The best known benefit of beekeeping is the delicious honey you get to harvest. Fresh honey from your own hive tastes so much…

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    The Best Unassembled Beehive Kits

    Beekeeping can be rather rewarding when you know what you are doing. In many cases, bees get a bad rap because people tend to view them as hostile and in some cases, dangerous. These notions come from an inexperienced and somewhat ignorant vantage point. Yes, bees are naturally territorial and tend to be hostile when they feel threatened or that you have intruded. If, however, you give them a suitable home and learn how to handle them, bees can be very rewarding. That is why you need to find them the best home, to begin with. This is a review of the best-unassembled beehive kits for sale. Hopefully, this will…

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    All About Honey Extractors

    As an apiarist, you take careful steps towards making a jar of honey. It’s anything but a short process, but in the end, it makes something that is so very delicious. Have you ever wondered, how does a honey extractor work? It starts with creating a beehive and making a home for the bees. Then, you continue to take care of them as they go about their day-to-day lives, all the while, they are slowly beginning to make honey inside the homes in their honeycomb. Once the job is done, you remove the wax comb. Always do this very carefully and gently to ensure the safety of the bees. Honey…