Garlic Infused Honey Benefits: A Natural Remedy for Your Health

As cold season approaches, many people hope to find ways to avoid getting sick. This is usually done by strengthening your immune system. A good way to do this is by eating foods that naturally support and boost our health. 

Raw honey has long been known to be a healthy superfood because of it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties. Combine that with garlic, which has anti-inflammatory and immunity benefits, and you’ve created your very own natural (and tasty) medicine. 

Food as Medicine

Food as medicine is a concept that recognizes the connection food has to our health and well being. It is believed that food, instead of medicine, is able to prevent as well as cure certain ailments. 

Nutritious, whole, unprocessed foods are to be consumed to prevent disease and support healing. Both honey and garlic are often used for healing, as they have a large range of health benefits. 

Garlic Infused Honey Health Benefits 

Not only does garlic infused honey taste great, it also has many health benefits because of it’s antioxidant properties.  It also contains prebiotic compounds that are important in gut health. 

Garlic is known for it’s immune boosting properties, so when you combine the two, you get a powerful mixture that can reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, and fight infections.  

Reduces Inflammation

Both honey and garlic contain anti-inflammatory properties, so combining the two are great for reducing inflammation, as well as alleviating pain and discomfort in the body. 

Boosts Immune System

The antibacterial and antiviral properties found in both garlic and honey are great for boosting the immune system. Use garlic infused honey to ward off colds and promote your overall health. 

Supports Digestive Health

Garlic is often used to improve digestion by reducing inflammation in the digestive system.  While honey has the ability to promote healthy gut bacteria. Combined, garlic infused honey is a great choice to support digestive health. 

Fights Infections

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of garlic, and the antibacterial properties of honey can protect against infections and promote healing. 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Honey infused garlic can improve cardiovascular health because honey reduces the risk of heart disease.  Meanwhile, garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

How to Make Garlic Infused Honey

To make garlic infused honey, you only need 2 ingredients – fresh garlic and raw, unpasteurized honey.  You’ll also need a sterilized jar with an airtight seal.

First, peel the garlic to release each individual clove. The cloves can now be transferred to the jar, or you can cut the cloves in half, or even crush them a bit to encourage them to release their juices into the honey. 

You want the jar to be filled ½ – ¾ full of garlic. Once all of the garlic is placed in the jar, fill it with honey until all of the cloves are covered. Use a 1:1 ratio of garlic to honey. 

Seal the jar and turn it upside down.  You may want to place a plate under the jar in case of any leaks. Then, place the jar in a dark place to ferment. 

For the next 2 weeks, you’ll need to burp the jar daily to release build up of gasses. To do this, turn the jar back over and open up the lid. Then, quickly close up the jar again, turn it upside down and place it back in a dark area. The key is to do it quickly, as to not introduce too much oxygen back into the jar. 

In a week or 2, you’ll notice some bubbles on the surface of the honey.  That means that it is fermenting. The honey will also become more runny over time, as the garlic releases liquid into it. 

The honey garlic will ferment in a month, but it is okay to start eating after 2 weeks. The longer it ferments, the more mellow the flavor of the garlic is. 

How to Store Garlic Infused Honey

When stored properly, garlic infused honey can last for years.  It needs to be stored in a cool, dark location that is free of sunlight. The lid of the jar must be airtight so no moisture can enter the jar. 

How to Eat Garlic Infused Honey

Now it’s time to enjoy the benefits of garlic infused honey. There are a variety of ways to eat this superfood. The simplest is to just pop a spoonful of garlic and honey in your mouth.  This can be done when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on.  

Other than that, garlic infused honey tastes great and can be used in a lot of recipes.  Dressings, marinades, sauces, and dips would all taste great with garlic honey added to it. 


The food as medicine concept is about eating nutritious foods to promote health and prevent disease and health conditions.  By combining and fermenting raw honey and garlic, you create a mixture that reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, fights infections, and improves digestive and cardiovascular health.