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    Best Location for Beehives

    As a beekeeper it is your job to provide the best living conditions for your bees as possible.  Part of that is to find the best location for your beehives. You can have all the right equipment for your apiary, but if it is not in the right location, your colony may not thrive.  This article will talk about how to find the best location for beehives.   When choosing the best location for beehives there are several things to consider.  Safety, accessibility, and environmental factors must be taken into account. If you have multiple beehives you need to also look at how far apart should beehives be placed.   City Ordinances …

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    The Different Types of Commercial Beehives for Sale

    Whenever you are looking for commercial beehives for sale, it’s important to know that there are many different types that each serve a different purpose. Therefore, the beehive you choose will determine the kind of results you get. That’s why extensive research is necessary before jumping in and paying for one. Why Is Choosing the Right Commercial Beehive Important? To understand how important your beehive choice is all you have to do is imagine yourself house hunting. There are certain qualities that the house you choose must have otherwise you simply won’t be satisfied living in – it if you live in it at all. It’s more or less the…

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    The Best Unassembled Beehive Kits

    Beekeeping can be rather rewarding when you know what you are doing. In many cases, bees get a bad rap because people tend to view them as hostile and in some cases, dangerous. These notions come from an inexperienced and somewhat ignorant vantage point. Yes, bees are naturally territorial and tend to be hostile when they feel threatened or that you have intruded. If, however, you give them a suitable home and learn how to handle them, bees can be very rewarding. That is why you need to find them the best home, to begin with. This is a review of the best-unassembled beehive kits for sale. Hopefully, this will…