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    Feeding Bees: Pollen Patties vs Sugar Water

    Beekeeping is a delicate balance of ensuring the health and productivity of your hive. A crucial aspect of this is feeding bees, especially during times when natural forage is scarce. Two common supplemental feeding options are pollen patties and sugar water. Each has its unique advantages and specific use cases. Understanding the differences can help beekeepers make informed decisions to support their colonies effectively. Pollen Patties Pollen patties are made from a mixture of pollen, protein supplements, and sometimes other ingredients like vitamins and minerals. They are designed to mimic natural pollen and provide bees with essential proteins and nutrients required for brood rearing and overall colony health. Advantages: Disadvantages:…

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    How to Use a Sugar Water Feeder For Bees

    Feeding bees can be somewhat of a controversial topic among beekeepers.  Some feel that it’s best to leave bees to their own devices and let nature take it’s course.  The weaker bees would die off, leaving a colony of stronger bees. However, there are definitely times when it is appropriate for beekeepers to feed bees. In those times it is extremely helpful to have a sugar water feeder for bees. A new colony of bees would require feeding, as well as bees recovering from illness. If for some reason there are no flowers around for bees to get pollen and nectar, they may need to be fed as well.  This…