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    Where to Buy Mason Bees and How to Care for Them

    While mason bees look similar to honey bees, they behave very differently.  The biggest difference between the two is that mason bees are solitary. While honey bees live in a hive with thousands of other bees, mason bees live alone.   Because of the mason bees docile nature, many people have had interest in having a mason bee house in their garden.  Buying a mason bee house is easy, but once you get that set up you need to find out where to buy mason bees.  Mason bees are a great, low maintenance bee to raise. If you are looking for where to buy mason bees, the easiest way to buy…

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    Where To Buy Bees For a Hive

    You chose your beehive, set it up and got it ready for it’s new little dwellers.  What’s next? Now it’s time to get your first bee colony! If you are new to beekeeping, the question of where to buy bees for a hive is a very important one.  It’s not as if you can go to the local pet store and order a box of bees. So where do beekeepers get their bees? How Do Beekeepers Get Bees? There are 3 ways beekeepers get bees.  They either buy a package of bees, buy a nucleus colony, or they catch a swarm.  The most common method for new beekeepers is to buy…