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What is the Best Beehive Stand Height?

Most beekeepers already know how important beehive stands are to successful colonies. Beehive stands have so many benefits that it is often considered a must have in beekeeping. Whether you buy a beehive stand, or build your own, many people wonder, what is the best beehive stand height?  

Beehive stand height is crucial because if it’s too low, pests could easily invade the hive.  On the other hand, if it’s too high, it will be difficult to lift the supers off of the top. The supers can get quite heavy when they are full of honey, so having a beehive that is elevated too much can be a hassle for the beekeeper.

With that in mind, I have to say that the optimal beehive stand height is 18 inches off the ground. It is high enough away from ground moisture and pests, but also a manageable height to access the supers. So, keep that in mind when you are buying or building your hive stand. 

The best beehive stand height is about 18 inches off the ground. 

Reasons to Use a Beehive Stand

There are many reasons to use a beehive stand.  In fact, beehive stands benefit both the beekeeper and the bees.

Easier for the Beekeeper

Beekeeping is a hobby that requires a lot of bending and lifting.  Being hunched over during hive inspections can also cause back pain.  However, using a hive stand is a simple way to fix this problem.  With a proper beehive stand height of 18 inches, the hive will be at waist level, which is a comfortable level for the beekeeper to work on without having to bend over so much. 

Keeps the Hive Dry 

An important reason to use a hive stand is that it helps to keep the beehive dry by elevating it above ground moisture. Keeping your beehive away from ground moisture will keep your hive in better condition.  Beehives that are constantly exposed to the damp ground are likely to experience mold, mildew, and wood rot.  Therefore, using a hive stand allows you to use your beehive longer. 

Pests and Predators

Keeping a beehive elevated also helps with pests and predators. Insects and critters are more likely to attack a hive that is on the ground. Also, when you use a hive stand there are several methods you can use to prevent and deter ants

Clear Entrance

Bees have an easier time entering a hive that is on a hive stand.  That’s because beehives that are on the ground are likely to have the entrance obstructed by grass and weeds.  If the entrance is concealed by such vegetation, the bees may have a harder time getting in. A hive stand puts the beehive at a good height to keep a clear, unobstructed entrance.

Recommended Hive Stand

I’ve tried a few different hive stands over the years, and I really like the plastic hive stand from Galena Farms. It is lightweight, easy to use, and extremely durable. The metal rests to hang frames on are really useful when doing hive inspections.

The Galena Farms hive stand is similar to the popular VIVO hive stand, but it costs less, and it will ship for free from You can also choose between an 8 frame and a 10 frame stand, so it will fit your hives perfectly.


It is very beneficial to use a hive stand for your beehives.  The best beehive stand height is 18 inches. That is high enough away from ground moisture and pests, but also a manageable height to access the supers.